Requirements: One Male and One Female Ambassador per State honorarium basis + Incentives

Good communication and writing skill in English, Basic Computer knowledge, Industry Knowlege etc

The youth ambassadors will receive ownership over the Building Entrepreneur Business Growth project and identify local youth entrepreneurs, organize events, create blogs and lead right where they are. We’re excited to hit the market from 1st of Jan'2018 and together with these youth ambassadors find and create solutions to foster youth employment.

The Building Entrepreneur Business Growth project team of India and Asia youth should conduct field visits to youth entrepreneurs; meet with local youth organizations and converse with youngsters from all walks of life they meet on the area. At the end of each state visit, multi-stakeholder events will be organized to present real-life case studies and to propose better policies to increase the youth employment rate and Increase self-employability. Everyone involved learned from young people on the ground about their environments and challenges and pledged to work together on youth-driven solutions for youth employment and youth entrepreneurship.