Welcome to the Club Entrepreneur. Using our experience we are creating a growth system specifically for small businesses owners, people just like you, with aspirations just like yours. Rest assured you are in the hands of doers and not thinkers. People like you who know it’s the

results that matter. There’s no theory here, just proven practical advice that works. So it is tailor-made for you!

If you own a small business and want to grow, it isn’t you that’s the problem it’s the lack of available help for business owners just like you. The good news is that help really is available, you just have to see if it applies to your needs.

The blindingly obvious three key areas every business must work on if they want to flourish and get the results they deserve, are generating leads and enquiries, converting these into paying customers and looking after existing customers. Obvious but that doesn’t mean everybody does this, in fact the vast majority don’t.

Lead Generation is crucial– not just when business is quiet but all the time, automatically, using a system. We have all heard of feast and famine! When really busy, generating leads does not seem important, but you never know when a quiet spell or famine is around the corner, undoing all your great work. So generating good quality enquiries is always crucial.

Having generated leads and enquiries, you need to close as many sales as possible, not on price but by showing prospects why they should use you, ensuring none of these precious enquiries go to waste. We call this Sales Conversion.

Finally you must look after your existing customers and treat them as the valued asset of the business they really are; love them and they will love you back. Not a lot of point looking for new prospects if you don’t value and look after your existing customers. We call this Customer Maximisation.

Why multipliers? Simply because you should be doing all 3 of these at the same time. However, most businesses only focus on Lead Generation – the most expensive in terms of time and money, and probably the least effective.

We cover a range of topics, in enough detail so you know what to do and more importantly how to implement them in your business. All tried tested and proven to work!