A driving force of CIMSME’s learning program, Learning program is a universal event that represents 24 hours of national entrepreneurial innovation and knowledge sharing and offers real-time learning to help drive economic growth across the nation. Throughout a single day, entrepreneurs from around the nation, including Confederation members and guest keynotes, share their stories and wisdom to inspire and support the next generation of entrepreneurs. Designed to drive business take-home value around growth and innovation, these events provide value to entrepreneurs around the globe and are designed to positively impact the entire entrepreneurial continuum— from college entrepreneurs and start-ups to small businesses and large enterprises. Delivered online through interactive learning sessions:

Provides relevant entrepreneurial learning to business owners in various countries and cultures.

Brings together members of the entrepreneurial community in each participating city and country to discuss their unique business challenges and opportunities.

Provides attendees with a first-class learning experience, as well as new connections to drive their businesses.

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