On behalf of growth committee of Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Confederation of Startupreneurs and Studentpreneurs a unit of Indian Centre for Social, Economic and Environmental Research, I am pleased to invite you to our “Confederation’s Business Connect” platform* powered by Hubbler.

It was born out of dissatisfaction with the education available to help entrepreneurs start and scale successful businesses. Confederation is the movement that is changing the nation through a new kind of business education. Passionate about the importance of doing the work you love, we impact the lives of our community every day by educating them to build the life and business of their dreams.

Today we are aiming to India’s largest and most effective educator of business owners, with a community of over 30,000 across India by 2018. Our members' personal and commercial outcomes are at heart of everything we do.

Objective: Replacement of Competition with Collaboration.

Experience Business Growth Built In Our Platform. Enjoy Business on the Go.

*Confederation’s Business Connect platform offers

1. One - Many Communication ( Channels )

2. Many - Many Communication ( Group )

3. One - One Communication ( Direct Messages )

4. Polls ( To Conduct a Survey )

5. Events

6. Promotions

7. Knowledge

*Platform to ease of doing business within

1. Fillup the google forms for onboarding to our Business Connect platform.

2. Idea and Product validation with community support

3. Promotion of your business services within community

4. Float your business inquiries and offers

5. Knowledge session on demand

6. Community of entrepreneurs across Industry (on-boarding process begin)

7. Community goal: Replacement of Competition with Collaboration.

8. Many more community-based opportunities etc.

*Platform is available on monthly subscription basis w.e.f 1st March’2018. Currently, we are 26,000+ members offline. Onboarding and the hand-holding process will be carried for Feb’2018.