Are you running an existing business and looking to achieve sustainable growth?

One of the things that hold too many business owners back is not being able to reliably generate and grow revenue.

Growth can be daunting and expensive, the things you need to invest in to grow your business don't always come cheap. You may need to hire more staff, invest in new tech, new premises or a new marketing campaign. If you can’t guarantee you’ll hit your sales targets, you can't guarantee that you'll be able to continue to grow.

At the Business Growth Summit you're going to hear two core strategies from Club Entrepreneur's education program that you can implement right away to get results:

• Develop sales strategies and systems that ensure you predictably increase month on month revenue.

• Build and lead a high-performance team who care about driving results, so that you can free up your time to focus on higher impact work.

Set yourself up for success and set your business up to scale, by taking a day out of the “grind” to learn sales and leadership strategies that really work.

What are the strategies you’ll learn on the day?

There are a thousand things you could be doing right now for your business, however, at this summit we’ll help you hone in on the two core things you actually should be doing to accelerate your business’s growth.

We’ve developed two implementable, high-impact sessions below to increase your revenue input, and increase your performance output.

Sales Strategies that Drive Revenue and Profit

Key Learnings:

1) The key steps to increase conversion rates in a ‘non-salesy’ manner

2) Learn strategies that will have more people buying sooner with little or no follow up

3) The must-knows to creating referrals that will shorten your sales process and create a steady flow of qualified customers

4) Learn the most powerful and compelling way to present your product or service and build your very own personalized and replicable sales model

5) The one key principle that creates a buying mindset in your consumer and prevents objections

Building and Leading a High-Performance Team

Key Learnings:

1) Become an impactful leader by uniting your team around a common vision, while managing people to deliver outcomes

2) Build performance expectations that ensure each and every person is contributing to the success of the business

3) Recruit people who genuinely care about driving your company’s vision forward

4) How the greatest leaders of all time reached heightened levels of success by touching the hearts and minds of the people around them (and how you can too)

5) Embed structures into your business that allow you to dilute yourself from the daily grind while maintaining performance

Who is the Business Growth Summit for?

The Business Growth Summit is for you if you're:

• Running an established business with sales coming in the door

• Have existing employees whom you are looking to nurture and inspire

• Need to develop a more robust sales process that delivers consistent results

• Have issues with increasing sales volume or customer value

• Don't have a team yet, but are looking to hire staff soon

• Need to lead and manage your team to drive sales and efficiency

• Need to inspire your team to care about results as much as you do

Why come to the Business Growth Summit?

• Learn how to implement the two foundations of a successful business that allows it to scale

• Meet other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs and make new connections

• Hear from Entrepreneur, Author, Investor and BRW Young Rich List Member, Jack Delosa

• Be inspired by business owners who’ve implemented these strategies and got results

Who is Club Entrepreneur?

Club Entrepreneur is a movement that is changing the nation through a new kind of business education. Passionate about the importance of doing the work you love, we impact the lives of our community every day by educating them to build the life and business of their dreams.

Founded by a group of like-minded professionals, Club Entrepreneur a unit of Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises was born out of a dissatisfaction with the education available to help entrepreneurs start and scale successful businesses.

Today we are aiming to India’s largest and most effective educator of business owners, with a community of over 30,000 across India by 2018. Our members' personal and commercial outcomes are at heart of everything we do.