As the nation’s most influential community of entrepreneurs, the Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is committed to supporting leading entrepreneurs in every corner of the nation and the world. To ensure our members are given the tools they need to learn and grow in business and beyond, we’re constantly updating and personalizing our national and global benefits and programs to meet the needs of our growing membership. In our role as a global thought leader on entrepreneurship, and aligned with our goal of helping every stage of business owner achieve entrepreneurial excellence, we offer a wide variety of resources that address the personal and professional challenges of entrepreneurship, including:

Entrepreneur Business Growth Summit (EBGS) - The Summit with learning and networking for growth.

National Student Entrepreneur Awards (NSEA) – The premier award for students that own and run businesses while attending a high school, college or university.

CIMSME Accelerator – High-impact learning events, designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses to more than US$1 million.

CIMSME Mentorship – One-on-one engagement that fosters growth through the sharing of experiences and a lifetime of learning.

Executive Education – Higher learning for members who want to reach the next level of leadership