In 2017, the human resources industry has done a lot of soul searching about the way culture and performance issues were handled within companies. In 2018, another big internal shift is coming, but this time the focus is on technology: how it can be used to find people, connect people, engage people, even replace people — and what to do when that happens. For years, technology has acted as a tool to help with day-to-day tasks, but the focus in 2018 will be technology as a way of life in the workplace.

Rapid advances in technology—from the distributed computing reality of the Internet of Things (IoT) to artificial intelligence (AI) to increasing workforce fluidity —are combining to reshape today’s workplaces.

In addition, there are some broad cultural trends that are impacting HR technology, pushing us well beyond the automation of traditional manual tasks and redesigning performance management processes, to rethinking the way we manage employees.

First, AI is everywhere, but not without its challenges (for example, machines learning from biased data)—so its newest incarnation will have to be focused on not just mastering the science of AI, but also on the art of collecting better, more accurate data. Cloud-based AI, machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition, and virtual reality experiences have already been changing the dynamic among people, work, and communication—and we’re going to see more application of these technologies in the workplace in 2018 and beyond.

Second, hyper-personalization—from designing your unique, one-of-a-kind Nikes, to M&Ms with personalized messages, to online shoppers for clothes and groceries that remember your preferences and customize recommendations for you—is coming to employee management in 2018, and HR must help its managers lead with a higher degree of personalization and understanding of each of its direct reports.

And, finally, with technological advancement comes the risk of becoming removed from the “messy” human work of fostering belonging and shared purpose for our teams. Creating and maintaining an inclusive culture requires knowing a lot about people, empathizing with them, and sustaining that commitment long term. Current diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts need to be redefined and updated to bring ongoing positive change for people organizations.


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Key benefits

We organize personalized appointments for HR buyers and suppliers to meet in their own dedicated meeting booth. Each supplier will have a series of 20-minute meetings with key decision makers during the course of the event.

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The HR Summit is a highly focused event that brings together human resources and organizational development professionals for one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars and valuable networking opportunities.

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A more targeted approach

We understand that your time is precious, valuable and limited. You tell us who you want to meet, and we handle all the details.

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What’s included?

– A full pre-arranged itinerary of one-to-one meetings

– Complimentary seminars hosted by some of the industry’s most dynamic minds

– Meals and refreshments throughout

– Access to all presentation material